Kayee was born in Australia. This is where her passion for beautiful, natural materials and colours comes from. The intense red/brown of Ayers Rock, the beautiful blue in the wing of a Kookaburra....
This passion for nature is what you will find in the designs of Kayee. Beautiful colours and materials, to be worn on special occasions or just every day. Like the Swarovski crystal pearls, available in so many colours and which adapt to the warmth of your skin
Kayee designs are meant to make you feel good and look good.

Swarovski pearls and beads

Swarovski is well known for its crystal figurines and jewellery. What is less known is that they also produce the most beautiful imitation pearls and crystal beads. Swarovski Crystal Pearls are made with a crystal core. The mother of pearl-like layers are then applied evenly to the core which ensures harmonious tones and color matching. The surface finish is consistent and gently reflects light to create an irresistible appeal. They are resistant to wear, the sun's rays, perspiration and perfume to retain their shimmer for a very long time. They are available in more than 50 colours, from powdery pastel to real gemstone colours. Because of this variety and characteristics you will find the Swarovski pearl in many of Kayee designs.


Did you see something in Kayee's webshop, but would you like it just a little bit differrent? Or do you have a request for a special occasion? Please contact me. As most of Kayee's jewellery is hand made, it is possible to customize to your special request.

Sometimes all you have to do
Is forget what you feel
and remember what you deserve